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MySQL Enterprise Monitor 8.0 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Enterprise Monitor 8.0.34 (2023-04-18)

Changes in MySQL Enterprise Monitor 8.0.34 (2023-04-18)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Updated the following components to the version listed: gettext v1.2.0, jQuery v3.6.3, jQueryUI v1.13.2, JRE v8u371.b10, moment-timezone v0.5.40, and MySQL Server v8.0.33.

  • The OpenSSL libraries used by MySQL Enterprise Monitor installers have been upgraded to 1.1.1t.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed layout of the Configuration->MySQL Instances table when not viewing in full screen mode.

  • Fixed the "MySQL Instances Using EOL Versions" filter, which now inserts "<=5.6" into the "MySQL Version" search field.

  • Enabled external role access to the Active Directory external authentication interface.