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MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.0 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.0.12 (2018-07-27, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.0.12 (2018-07-27, General Availability)

MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.0.12 is the latest release for MySQL Enterprise Backup. It only supports MySQL Server 8.0.12. For earlier versions of MySQL 8.0, use the MySQL Enterprise Backup version with the same version number as the server. For MySQL server 5.7, please use MySQL Enterprise Backup 4.1, and for MySQL Server 5.6 and 5.5, please use MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.12.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Important Change: Starting from release 8.0.12, the storage engine of the mysql.backup_history table on a backed-up server has switched from CSV to InnoDB, and a new column for server UUIDs has been added to the table. See Backup History Table Update for the new user privileges required by mysqlbackup due to this change. (WL #11431)

  • Important Change: When working with a Group Replication setup, mysqlbackup now makes the backup history available to all members of the server group by making sure that the backup_history table is updated on a primary node after each mysqlbackup operation. See Using MySQL Enterprise Backup with Group Replication for details.

    With the implementation of this feature, the new user privilege of SELECT on performance_schema.replication_group_members is now required by mysqlbackup to work with any server, even when it does not belong to a Group Replication setup. See Grant MySQL Privileges to Backup Administrator for details. (WL #11431)

  • Version information for mysqlbackup is now printed to the stdout instead of the stderr stream when the --version or --help option is used. (Bug #27253989)

  • OAuth is now supported for Oracle Cloud Storage client authentication. Two new options, --cloud-storage-url and --cloud-oauth-token, have been introduced for the purpose. See Cloud Storage Options for details. (WL #11690)

Bugs Fixed

  • Backups for a server failed when it had ANSI_QUOTES in its values for sql_mode. (Bug #27939774)

  • The maximum value that could be set for the --safe-slave-backup-timeout option was 2700 (seconds), which automatically replaced any larger value. With this fix, there is no longer a maximum limit, even though a high value is not recommended; see the description of --safe-slave-backup-timeout for details. (Bug #27883020)

  • Restoring an incrementation backup on top of a data directory restored using a compressed backup failed. It was because mysqlbackup did not set is_compressed=0 in the backup_variables.txt file inside the restored data directory. (Bug #27787988)

  • When mysqlbackup performed sanity checks on InnoDB tablespaces and found a space ID mismatch for an FSP header and a page header, the name of the problematic tablespace was not given in the error report. (Bug #27752703)

  • If an ALTER TABLE statement was executed on the server before an incremental backup was taken, a server restored with the backup on which the incremental backup was applied (using the apply-incremental-backup command) could not be started, as the .ibd file of the altered table was missing in the restored data. (Bug #27735134)

  • After a server has been restored using an incremental backup created with the --incremental-with-redo-log-only option, it could not be started. (Bug #27722525)

  • mysqlbackup issued a warning whenever the number of files specified in the system variable innodb_data_file_path of the server to be backed up exceeded 100. With this fix, a warning is issued only if the number of InnoDB data files to be opened exceeds the number specified by the system variable innodb_open_files. (Bug #27701402)

  • Backups failed for a server that had been started with a value for --innodb_log_file_size different from the one the server was initiated with. (Bug #27571663)

  • An apply-incremental-backup operation failed when individual tablespaces with relative file paths were involved. (Bug #27278876)

  • In a Group Replication setting for MySQL servers, when changes were made to one group member and a backup was taken on another, the relay log for the replication applier was missing from the backup, so that the restored server could not be started. (Bug #25534078)

  • When a compressed backup was restored with the --innodb_data_home_dir option pointing to a restore location outside of the data directory, .ibd files were still being copied into the data directory, causing an exception to be thrown at the attempt to start the restored server. (Bug #24826986)