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MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.0 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.0.13 (2018-10-22, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.0.13 (2018-10-22, General Availability)

MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.0.13 is the latest release for MySQL Enterprise Backup. It only supports MySQL Server 8.0.13. For earlier versions of MySQL 8.0, use the MySQL Enterprise Backup version with the same version number as the server. For MySQL server 5.7, please use MySQL Enterprise Backup 4.1, and for MySQL Server 5.6 and 5.5, please use MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.12.

Functionality Added or Changed

Bugs Fixed

  • Restoring an incremental backup image using the copy-back-and-apply-log command failed with mysqlbackup complaining that the server repository configuration (including, for example, value of innodb_data_file_path) was unknown for the target server. With this fix, mysqlbackup gets the required information from the backup-my.cnf file already restored with the base backup of the incremental backup. (Bug #28411028)

    References: This issue is a regression of: Bug #27429244.

  • mysqlbackup hung when a backup operation failed due to a full disk. With this fix, mysqlbackup quits gracefully in the situation by throwing an error. (Bug #28399821)

  • During an --apply-incremental-backup operation, mysqlbackup attempted to delete the binary log of the backed-up, running server. (Bug #28377502)

  • On FreeBSD platforms, using the --show-progress option did not make mysqlbackup print progress reports. (Bug #28350122)

  • A mysqlbackup operation on an image stored on an OpenStack cloud storage service sometimes failed with a segmentation fault or a bad URL error. It was because of a race condition caused by an uninitiated variable, which has been eliminated by this fix. (Bug #28189239, Bug #28183729)

  • Backups for databases with encrypted InnoDB tables failed when the --compress option was used. (Bug #28177466)

  • The Windows version of MySQL Enterprise Backup did not display its build ID when invoked. (Bug #27916702)

  • A mysqlbackup operation on an image stored on an OpenStack cloud storage service failed with a 401 Unauthorized error when the operation took a long time and the authentication token for the cloud access expired. With this fix, a separate thread in mysqlbackup requests a new token from the OpenStack cloud service in that situation, so that the operation can continue. (Bug #27893174)

  • When the --show-progress=table option was used, mysqlbackup gave a warning in the error log on an aborted connection to the server near the end of the operation. It was because the connection to the server for writing to the backup_progress table had remained open. With this fix, the connection is properly closed after the mysqlbackup operation is finished. (Bug #27647283)

  • When an incremental backup was restored without using the --log-bin option, the binary log was not restored to its original location on the backed up server, but to the location specified by --log-bin earlier during the restore of the base backup. The same occurred for relay logs of incremental backups for slaves when the --relay-log option was not used. (Bug #27545745)

  • If, when a backup was in progress and mysqlbackup was reading the binary log (or the relay log) index file and the server tried to modify the index file (because, for example, a log flush or log purge just took place), the binary logging (or relay logging) stopped; the server also quit unexpected on Windows platforms. It was because mysqlbackup did not handle well the file sharing violation. With this fix, mysqlbackup now reads the index file using the local file system API, which handles the file sharing violation gracefully; also, mysqlbackup now copies the index file into its buffer and then closes it, instead of keeping it open for long, so the server can modify or delete the index file more easily. (Bug #22914974, Bug #26047119)