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MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.0 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.0.24 (2021-04-20, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.0.24 (2021-04-20, General Availability)

MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.0.24 is the latest release for MySQL Enterprise Backup. It only supports MySQL Server 8.0.24. For earlier versions of MySQL 8.0, use the MySQL Enterprise Backup version with the same version number as the server. For MySQL server 5.7, please use MySQL Enterprise Backup 4.1.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The --rename option now works with both full and partial restores:

    (Bug #31947026)

Bugs Fixed

  • There were sporadic failures of backups involving encrypted InnoDB tables with the error "The encrypted table . . . is not initialized" when repeated DDL operations on the tables took place during the backup operations. (Bug #32495740)

  • When backing up tables that used MySQL Enterprise Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), if no password was provided using the --encrypt-password option, mysqlbackup quit unexpectedly. With this fix, mysqlbackup throws a proper error and aborts the operation in the situation. (Bug #32486697)

  • Backups failed when backing up tables that used the keyring_hashicorp plugin for InnoDB table encryption. (Bug #32284801)

  • mysqlbackup quit unexpectedly at the end of a backup to a tape using the NetWorker software. (Bug #32081275)

  • The --include-tables and --exclude-tables options were ignored during a restore of a TTS backup taken with full locking (i.e., with --use-tts=with-full-locking). (Bug #31947026)

  • A restore of a compressed backup failed if the backed-up server did not use .ibd as the extension for InnoDB tablespaces. (Bug #31596356)

  • Backups for a server containing encrypted InnoDB tables failed when the server was of 64-bit and mysqlbackup was of 32-bit (or vice versa). It was due to the way keyring files were handled in the situation, which has been fixed by this patch. (Bug #29292085)