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MySQL Connector/ODBC Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/ODBC Version 3.51  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/ODBC 3.51.14 (2007-03-08)

Changes in MySQL Connector/ODBC 3.51.14 (2007-03-08)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Use of SQL_ATTR_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT on the server has now been disabled. If you attempt to set this attribute on your connection the SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO will be returned, with an error number/string of HYC00: Optional feature not supported. (Bug #19823)

  • Added auto is null option to Connector/ODBC option parameters. (Bug #10910)

  • Added auto-reconnect option to Connector/ODBC option parameters.

  • Added support for the HENV handlers in SQLEndTran().

Bugs Fixed

  • On 64-bit systems, some types would be incorrectly returned. (Bug #26024)

  • When retrieving TIME columns, C/ODBC would incorrectly interpret the type of the string and could interpret it as a DATE type instead. (Bug #25846)

  • Connector/ODBC may insert the wrong parameter values when using prepared statements under 64-bit Linux. (Bug #22446)

  • Using Connector/ODBC, with SQLBindCol and binding the length to the return value from SQL_LEN_DATA_AT_EXEC fails with a memory allocation error. (Bug #20547)

  • Using DataAdapter, Connector/ODBC may continually consume memory when reading the same records within a loop (Windows Server 2003 SP1/SP2 only). (Bug #20459)

  • When retrieving data from columns that have been compressed using COMPRESS(), the retrieved data would be truncated to 8KB. (Bug #20208)

  • The ODBC driver name and version number were incorrectly reported by the driver. (Bug #19740)

  • A string format exception would be raised when using iODBC, Connector/ODBC and the embedded MySQL server. (Bug #16535)

  • The SQLDriverConnect() ODBC method did not work with recent Connector/ODBC releases. (Bug #12393)