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MySQL Connector/ODBC Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/ODBC Version 3.51  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/ODBC 3.51.27 (2008-11-20)

Changes in MySQL Connector/ODBC 3.51.27 (2008-11-20)

Bugs Fixed

  • The client program hung when the network connection to the server was interrupted. (Bug #40407)

  • The connection string option Enable Auto-reconnect did not work. When the connection failed, it could not be restored, and the errors generated were the same as if the option had not been selected. (Bug #37179)

  • It was not possible to use Connector/ODBC to connect to a server using SSL. The following error was generated:

    Runtime error '-2147467259 (80004005)':
    [MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver]SSL connection error.

    (Bug #29955)