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MySQL Connector/ODBC Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/ODBC Version 3.51  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/ODBC 3.51.25 (2008-04-11)

Changes in MySQL Connector/ODBC 3.51.25 (2008-04-11)

Bugs Fixed

  • The SQLColAttribute() function returned SQL_TRUE when querying the SQL_DESC_FIXED_PREC_SCALE (SQL_COLUMN_MONEY) attribute of a DECIMAL column. Previously, the correct value of SQL_FALSE was returned; this is now again the case. (Bug #35581)

  • The driver crashes ODBC Administrator on attempting to add a new DSN. (Bug #32057)

  • When accessing column data, FLAG_COLUMN_SIZE_S32 did not limit the octet length or display size reported for fields, causing problems with Microsoft Visual FoxPro.

    The list of ODBC functions that could have caused failures in Microsoft software when retrieving the length of LONGBLOB or LONGTEXT columns includes:

    • SQLColumns

    • SQLColAttribute

    • SQLColAttributes

    • SQLDescribeCol

    • SQLSpecialColumns (theoretically can have the same problem)

    (Bug #12805, Bug #30890)