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MySQL 5.6 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  mysqld DTrace Probe Reference

5.4.1 mysqld DTrace Probe Reference

MySQL supports the following static probes, organized into groups of functionality.

Table 5.6 MySQL DTrace Probes

Connectionconnection-start, connection-done
Commandcommand-start, command-done
Queryquery-start, query-done
Query Parsingquery-parse-start, query-parse-done
Query Cachequery-cache-hit, query-cache-miss
Query Executionquery-exec-start, query-exec-done
Row Levelinsert-row-start, insert-row-done
update-row-start, update-row-done
delete-row-start, delete-row-done
Row Readsread-row-start, read-row-done
Index Readsindex-read-row-start, index-read-row-done
Lockhandler-rdlock-start, handler-rdlock-done
handler-wrlock-start, handler-wrlock-done
handler-unlock-start, handler-unlock-done
Filesortfilesort-start, filesort-done
Statementselect-start, select-done
insert-start, insert-done
insert-select-start, insert-select-done
update-start, update-done
multi-update-start, multi-update-done
delete-start, delete-done
multi-delete-start, multi-delete-done
Networknet-read-start, net-read-done, net-write-start, net-write-done
Keycachekeycache-read-start, keycache-read-block, keycache-read-done, keycache-read-hit, keycache-read-miss, keycache-write-start, keycache-write-block, keycache-write-done


When extracting the argument data from the probes, each argument is available as argN, starting with arg0. To identify each argument within the definitions they are provided with a descriptive name, but you must access the information using the corresponding argN parameter.

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