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MySQL 5.6 Reference Manual  /  MySQL Server Administration  /  The MySQL Data Directory

5.2 The MySQL Data Directory

Information managed by the MySQL server is stored under a directory known as the data directory. The following list briefly describes the items typically found in the data directory, with cross references for additional information:

  • Data directory subdirectories. Each subdirectory of the data directory is a database directory and corresponds to a database managed by the server. All MySQL installations have certain standard databases:

    Other subdirectories correspond to databases created by users or applications.


    INFORMATION_SCHEMA is a standard database, but its implementation uses no corresponding database directory.

  • Log files written by the server. See Section 5.4, “MySQL Server Logs”.

  • InnoDB tablespace and log files. See Chapter 14, The InnoDB Storage Engine.

  • The server process ID file (while the server is running).

Some items in the preceding list can be relocated elsewhere by reconfiguring the server. In addition, the --datadir option enables the location of the data directory itself to be changed. For a given MySQL installation, check the server configuration to determine whether items have been moved.