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MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0  /  NDB Cluster Programs  /  ndb_drop_table — Drop an NDB Table

6.11 ndb_drop_table — Drop an NDB Table

ndb_drop_table drops the specified NDB table. (If you try to use this on a table created with a storage engine other than NDB, the attempt fails with the error 723: No such table exists.) This operation is extremely fast; in some cases, it can be an order of magnitude faster than using a MySQL DROP TABLE statement on an NDB table.


ndb_drop_table -c connection_string tbl_name -d db_name

The following table includes options that are specific to ndb_drop_table. Additional descriptions follow the table. For options common to most NDB Cluster programs (including ndb_drop_table), see Section 6.32, “Options Common to NDB Cluster Programs — Options Common to NDB Cluster Programs”.

Table 6.10 Command-line options used with the program ndb_drop_table

Format Description Added, Deprecated, or Removed



Name of database in which table is found

(Supported in all NDB releases based on MySQL 8.0)

Prior to NDB 8.0.17, an NDB table dropped using this utility persisted in the MySQL data dictionary but could not be dropped using DROP TABLE in the mysql client. In NDB 8.0.17 and later, such orphan tables can be dropped using DROP TABLE. (Bug #29125206, Bug #93672)