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MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0
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PDF (A4) - 4.8Mb Restoring a parallel backup in parallel

Restoring a parallel backup in parallel requires an ndb_restore binary from an NDB 8.0 distribution. The process is not substantially different from that outlined in the general usage section under the description of the ndb_restore program, and consists of executing ndb_restore twice, similarly to what is shown here:

$> ndb_restore -n 1 -b 1 -m --backup-path=path/to/backup_dir/BACKUP/BACKUP-backup_id
$> ndb_restore -n 1 -b 1 -r --backup-path=path/to/backup_dir/BACKUP/BACKUP-backup_id

backup_id is the ID of the backup to be restored. In the general case, no additional special arguments are required; ndb_restore always checks for the existence of parallel subdirectories under the directory indicated by the --backup-path option and restores the metadata (serially) and then the table data (in parallel).