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5.3.8 Defining the System

The [system] section is used for parameters applying to the cluster as a whole. The Name system parameter is used with MySQL Enterprise Monitor; ConfigGenerationNumber and PrimaryMGMNode are not used in production environments. Except when using NDB Cluster with MySQL Enterprise Monitor, is not necessary to have a [system] section in the config.ini file.

More information about these parameters can be found in the following list:

  • ConfigGenerationNumber

    Configuration generation number. This parameter is currently unused.

  • Name

    Set a name for the cluster. This parameter is required for deployments with MySQL Enterprise Monitor; it is otherwise unused.

    You can obtain the value of this parameter by checking the Ndb_system_name status variable. In NDB API applications, you can also retrieve it using get_system_name().

  • PrimaryMGMNode

    Node ID of the primary management node. This parameter is currently unused.

Restart types.  Information about the restart types used by the parameter descriptions in this section is shown in the following table:

Table 5.11 NDB Cluster restart types

Symbol Restart Type Description
N Node The parameter can be updated using a rolling restart (see Section 7.5, “Performing a Rolling Restart of an NDB Cluster”)
S System All cluster nodes must be shut down completely, then restarted, to effect a change in this parameter
I Initial Data nodes must be restarted using the --initial option