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5.2.2 NDB Cluster Management Node Configuration Parameters

The listing in this section provides information about parameters used in the [ndb_mgmd] or [mgm] section of a config.ini file for configuring NDB Cluster management nodes. For detailed descriptions and other additional information about each of these parameters, see Section 5.3.5, “Defining an NDB Cluster Management Server”.


After making changes in a management node's configuration, it is necessary to perform a rolling restart of the cluster for the new configuration to take effect. See Section 5.3.5, “Defining an NDB Cluster Management Server”, for more information.

To add new management servers to a running NDB Cluster, it is also necessary perform a rolling restart of all cluster nodes after modifying any existing config.ini files. For more information about issues arising when using multiple management nodes, see Section 3.7.10, “Limitations Relating to Multiple NDB Cluster Nodes”.