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5.3.11 NDB Cluster TCP/IP Connections Using Direct Connections

Setting up a cluster using direct connections between data nodes requires specifying explicitly the crossover IP addresses of the data nodes so connected in the [tcp] section of the cluster config.ini file.

In the following example, we envision a cluster with at least four hosts, one each for a management server, an SQL node, and two data nodes. The cluster as a whole resides on the 172.23.72.* subnet of a LAN. In addition to the usual network connections, the two data nodes are connected directly using a standard crossover cable, and communicate with one another directly using IP addresses in the 1.1.0.* address range as shown:

# Management Server
# SQL Node
# Data Nodes
# TCP/IP Connections

The HostName1 and HostName2 parameters are used only when specifying direct connections.

The use of direct TCP connections between data nodes can improve the cluster's overall efficiency by enabling the data nodes to bypass an Ethernet device such as a switch, hub, or router, thus cutting down on the cluster's latency.


To take the best advantage of direct connections in this fashion with more than two data nodes, you must have a direct connection between each data node and every other data node in the same node group.

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