6.4.5 The rpd_preload_stats Table

The rpd_preload_stats table stores column level statistics collected from InnoDB tables. The statistics are used to estimate the number of HeatWave nodes required for a given dataset before loading the tables into the HeatWave Cluster.

The rpd_preload_stats table has these columns:


    The schema name.


    The table name.


    The column name.


    The average byte width of the column. The average value includes NULL values.

The rpd_preload_stats table has the following characteristics:

  • It is read-only. DDL, including TRUNCATE TABLE, is not permitted.

  • It is truncated before new statistics are added.

  • It cannot be dropped, truncated, or modified by DML statements directly.

  • Statistics are not persisted when the server is shut down.

  • It has a limit of 65536 rows.

  • Statistics are approximate, based on an adaptive sample scan.

  • Statistics are deterministic, provided that the data does not change.