6.4.2 The rpd_columns Table

The rpd_columns table provides column encoding information for columns of tables loaded in HeatWave.

The rpd_columns table has these columns:


    A unique identifier for the table.


    A unique identifier for the table column.

  • NDV

    The number of distinct values in the column.


    The type of encoding used.


    The data placement key index ID associated with the column. Index value ranges from 1 to 16. For information about data placement key index values, see Section 2.7.2, “Defining Data Placement Keys”. NULL indicates that the column is not defined as a data placement key. For a DATA_PLACEMENT_INDEX query that identifies columns with data placement keys, see Section 2.16, “Metadata Queries”.


    The dictionary size per column, in bytes.

The rpd_columns table is read-only.