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The following are limitations specific to the NDBCLUSTER storage engine:

  • Machine architecture.  The following issues relate to physical architecture of cluster hosts:

    • All machines used in the cluster must have the same architecture. That is, all machines hosting nodes must be either big-endian or little-endian, and you cannot use a mixture of both. For example, you cannot have a management node running on a PowerPC which directs a data node that is running on an x86 machine. This restriction does not apply to machines simply running mysql or other clients that may be accessing the cluster's SQL nodes.

    • Adding and dropping of data nodes.  Online adding or dropping of data nodes is not currently possible. In such cases, the entire cluster must be restarted.

    • Backup and restore between architectures.  It is also not possible to perform a Cluster backup and restore between different architectures. For example, you cannot back up a cluster running on a big-endian platform and then restore from that backup to a cluster running on a little-endian system. (Bug #19255)

  • Online schema changes.  It is not possible to make online schema changes such as those accomplished using ALTER TABLE or CREATE INDEX, as the NDB Cluster engine does not support autodiscovery of such changes. (However, you can import or create a table that uses a different storage engine, and then convert it to NDB using ALTER TABLE tbl_name ENGINE=NDBCLUSTER. In such a case, you must issue a FLUSH TABLES statement to force the cluster to pick up the change.)

  • Binary logging.  MySQL Cluster has the following limitations or restrictions with regard to binary logging:

See also Section, “Limitations Relating to Multiple MySQL Cluster Nodes”.

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