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We recommend reading our EPUB files with EPUBReader (also available as a Firefox add-on), Readium (also available as a Chrome plug-in), or Adobe Digital Editions.
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We recommend reading our PDF files with Adobe Reader 7.0 or better, kpdf or Okular (Linux), or Preview (OS X).
Installing the Eclipse documentation plugin
You can install the Eclipse documentation plugin by extracting the Eclipse package and dropping the directory into your Eclipse plugins directory.
Other MySQL Documentation

MySQL Help Tables

Title Version Download
MySQL Help Tables 5.7
MySQL Help Tables 5.6
MySQL Help Tables 5.5

To use: Download, uncompress, then load into MySQL with this command:

mysql mysql < file_name

If the server is a replication master and you want to avoid replicating the content to replication slaves, use this command:

mysql --init-command="SET sql_log_bin=0" mysql < file_name

As of MySQL 5.7.5, the SET statement is included in the file, so the --init-command option is not needed.

Example Databases

Title Download DB HTML Setup Guide PDF Setup Guide
employee data (large dataset, includes data and test/verification suite)
world database
sakila database
menagerie database

Community Documentation

Title HTML Online PDF
MySQL Development Cycle
MySQL++ Manual

Printed Books

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