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Changes in MySQL Connector/ODBC 9.0.0 (2024-07-01, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • For the ANSI driver, converting to and from the character set specified by the CHARSET connection option is now performed by the MySQL server rather than being done inside the ANSI driver. (WL #16297)

  • Added support for the VECTOR data type that was introduced in MySQL Enterprise Server 9.0.0. (WL #16171)

  • The charset connection option is now deprecated for the Unicode driver, and setting it to a non-empty value via SQLConnect() or SQLDriverConnect() emits a warning. The connection is still successful. (WL #16311)

  • As of this release, the base name of the driver modules is changed to myodbc9. (WL #16382)

Bugs Fixed

  • On Windows, the MSI installation location now defaults to "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Connector ODBC X.Y" instead of "C:\Program Files\MySQL\Connector ODBC X.Y" where X.Y is the series number, such as 9.0. This change aligns MySQL Connector/ODBC with other MySQL products. (Bug #36681453)

  • Since 8.2.0, the SQLConnect() function's parameter values did not override values defined in the DSN. Now the SQLConnect() values are prioritized except for SQLConnect() values defined as NULL. (Bug #36605973)