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Changes in MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.1.9 (2011-10-06)

Only the source code and Windows binaries are available with this release.

The 64-bit MSI installer no longer contains 32-bit and 64-bit builds of the driver, like it did in previous versions. It now only includes 64-bit support.

Pluggable Authentication Notes

  • The binaries for this distribution of Connector/ODBC can now connect to MySQL server accounts that use the PAM or Windows Native Authentication Plugins for authentication. See PAM Pluggable Authentication, and Windows Pluggable Authentication. These capabilities result from linking the Connector/ODBC binaries against the MySQL 5.5.16 libmysqlclient rather than the MySQL 5.1 libmysqlclient used previously. The newer libmysqlclient includes the client-side support needed for the server-side PAM and Windows authentication plugins.

Bugs Fixed

  • Some catalog functions (such as SQLColumns(), SQLStatistics(), and SQLPrimaryKeys()) would only return one row, when called after pre-execution failed. (Bug #12824839)

  • The CLI installer script mysqlodbc-installer was missing documentation about how to configure the optional data source parameters. (Bug #12810058)

  • The Install.bat script contained leftover 3.51 information, and did not properly install the 5.1 Connector/ODBC connector. (Bug #12781039)

  • With the option charset=cp1251 specified in the connection string, the results could be returned as CP1251 or as UTF8 depending on the query. For example, these queries could give results in different code pages:

    select if(1=1,'string in cp1251 code page',0) as 'string in cp1251 code page';
    select 'string in cp1251 code page' as 'string in cp1251 code page';

    (Bug #11765110, Bug #58038)

  • An off-by-one error, where sqlwcharchr might read one SQLWCHAR after the end of a string. (Bug #61586)

  • SQLExecute would return SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO instead of SQL_ERROR, when column parameter binding was enabled. (Bug #59772)

  • The Connector/ODBC driver did not call mysql_thread_end() when a thread ended, which caused error messages like: Error in my_thread_global_end(): 1 threads didn't exit. (Bug #57727)

  • When using Connector/ODBC to fetch data, if a net_write_timeout condition occurred, the operation returned the standard "end of data" status, rather than an error. (Bug #39878)

  • MS Access fields with VARCHAR NOT NULL columns could not be altered. (Bug #31067)