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Changes in MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.1.3 (2008-03-26)

Bugs Fixed

  • Important Change: In previous versions, the SSL certificate would automatically be verified when used as part of the Connector/ODBC connection. The default mode is now to ignore the verificate of certificates. To enforce verification of the SSL certificate during connection, use the SSLVERIFY DSN parameter, setting the value to 1. (Bug #29955, Bug #34648)

  • Important Change: You must uninstall previous 5.1.x editions of Connector/ODBC before installing the new version.

  • Inserting characters to a UTF8 table using surrogate pairs would fail and insert invalid data. (Bug #34672)

  • Installation of Connector/ODBC failed because it was unable to uninstall a previous installed version. The file being requested would match an older release version than any installed version of the connector. (Bug #34522)

  • Using SqlGetData in combination with SQL_C_WCHAR would return overlapping data. (Bug #34429)

  • Descriptor records were not cleared correctly when calling SQLFreeStmt(SQL_UNBIND). (Bug #34271)

  • The dropdown selection for databases on a server when creating a DSN was too small. The list size now automatically adjusts up to a maximum size of 20 potential databases. (Bug #33918)

  • Microsoft Access would be unable to use DBEngine.RegisterDatabase to create a DSN using the Connector/ODBC driver. (Bug #33825)

  • Connector/ODBC erroneously reported that it supported the CAST() and CONVERT() ODBC functions for parsing values in SQL statements, which could lead to bad SQL generation during a query. (Bug #33808)

  • Using a linked table in Access 2003 where the table has a BIGINT column as the first column in the table, and is configured as the primary key, shows #DELETED for all rows of the table. (Bug #24535)

  • Updating a RecordSet when the query involves a BLOB field failed. (Bug #19065)

  • The HP-UX 11.23 IA64 binary package does not include the GUI bits because of problems building Qt on that platform.

  • There is no binary package for OS X on 64-bit PowerPC because Apple does not currently provide a 64-bit PowerPC version of iODBC.

  • The installer for 64-bit Windows installs both the 32-bit and 64-bit driver. Please note that Microsoft does not yet supply a 64-bit bridge from ADO to ODBC.