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Changes in MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.1.2 (2008-02-13, Beta)

MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.1.2-beta, a new version of the ODBC driver for the MySQL database management system, has been released. This release is the second beta (feature-complete) release of the new 5.1 series and is suitable for use with any MySQL server version since MySQL 4.1, including MySQL 5.0, 5.1, and 6.0. (It will not work with 4.0 or earlier releases.)

Keep in mind that this is a beta release, and as with any other pre-production release, caution should be taken when installing on production level systems or systems with critical data.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Explicit descriptors are implemented. (Bug #32064)

  • A full implementation of SQLForeignKeys based on the information available from INFORMATION_SCHEMA in 5.0 and later versions of the server has been implemented.

  • Changed SQL_ATTR_PARAMSET_SIZE to return an error until support for it is implemented.

  • Disabled MYSQL_OPT_SSL_VERIFY_SERVER_CERT when using an SSL connection.

  • SQLForeignKeys uses INFORMATION_SCHEMA when it is available on the server, which enables more complete information to be returned.

Bugs Fixed

  • The SSLCIPHER option would be incorrectly recorded within the SSL configuration on Windows. (Bug #33897)

  • Within the GUI interface, when connecting to a MySQL server on a nonstandard port, the connection test within the GUI failed. The issue was related to incorrect parsing of numeric values within the DSN when the option was not configured as the last parameter within the DSN. (Bug #33822)

  • Specifying a nonexistent database name within the GUI dialog would result in an empty list, not an error. (Bug #33615)

  • When deleting rows from a static cursor, the cursor position would be incorrectly reported. (Bug #33388)

  • SQLGetInfo() reported characters for SQL_SPECIAL_CHARACTERS that were not encoded correctly. (Bug #33130)

  • Retrieving data from a BLOB column failed within SQLGetDatawhen the target data type was SQL_C_WCHAR due to incorrect handling of the character buffer. (Bug #32684)

  • Renaming an existing DSN entry would create a new entry with the new name without deleting the old entry. (Bug #31165)

  • Reading a TEXT column that had been used to store UTF8 data would result in the wrong information being returned during a query. (Bug #28617)

  • SQLForeignKeys would return an empty string for the schema columns instead of NULL. (Bug #19923)

  • When accessing column data, FLAG_COLUMN_SIZE_S32 did not limit the octet length or display size reported for fields, causing problems with Microsoft Visual FoxPro.

    The list of ODBC functions that could have caused failures in Microsoft software when retrieving the length of LONGBLOB or LONGTEXT columns includes:

    • SQLColumns

    • SQLColAttribute

    • SQLColAttributes

    • SQLDescribeCol

    • SQLSpecialColumns (theoretically can have the same problem)

    (Bug #12805, Bug #30890)

  • Dynamic cursors on statements with parameters were not supported. (Bug #11846)

  • Evaluating a simple numeric expression when using the OLEDB for ODBC provider and ADO would return an error, instead of the result. (Bug #10128)

  • Adding or updating a row using SQLSetPos() on a result set with aliased columns failed. (Bug #6157)

  • The HP-UX 11.23 IA64 binary package does not include the GUI bits because of problems building Qt on that platform.

  • There is no binary package for OS X on 64-bit PowerPC because Apple does not currently provide a 64-bit PowerPC version of iODBC.

  • The installer for 64-bit Windows installs both the 32-bit and 64-bit driver. Please note that Microsoft does not yet supply a 64-bit bridge from ADO to ODBC.

  • Due to differences with the installation process used on Windows and potential registry corruption, it is recommended that you uninstall any existing versions of Connector/ODBC 5.1.x before upgrading.

    References: See also: Bug #34571.