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Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 5.0.8 (2007-08-21)


This version introduces a new installer technology.

Bugs Fixed

  • Extracting data through XML functions within a query returns the data as System.Byte[]. This was due to MySQL Connector/NET incorrectly identifying BLOB fields as binary, rather than text. (Bug #30233)

  • An incorrect ConstraintException could be raised on an INSERT when adding rows to a table with a multiple-column unique key index. (Bug #30204)

  • A DATE field would be updated with a date/time value, causing a MySqlDataAdapter.Update() exception. (Bug #30077)

  • Fixed bug where MySQL Connector/NET was hand building some date time patterns rather than using the patterns provided under CultureInfo. This caused problems with some calendars that do not support the same ranges as Gregorian.. (Bug #29931)

  • Calling SHOW CREATE PROCEDURE for routines with a hyphen in the catalog name produced a syntax error. (Bug #29526)

  • The availability of a MySQL server would not be reset when using pooled connections (pooling=true). This would lead to the server being reported as unavailable, even if the server become available while the application was still running. (Bug #29409)

  • A FormatException error would be raised if a parameter had not been found, instead of Resources.ParameterMustBeDefined. (Bug #29312)

  • Certain operations would not check the UsageAdvisor setting, causing log messages from the Usage Advisor even when it was disabled. (Bug #29124)

  • Using the same connection string multiple times would result in Database=dbname appearing multiple times in the resulting string. (Bug #29123)

  • Log messages would be truncated to 300 bytes. (Bug #28706)

  • Accessing the results from a large query when using data compression in the connection will fail to return all the data. (Bug #28204)

  • Fixed problem where MySqlConnection.BeginTransaction checked the drivers status var before checking if the connection was open. The result was that the driver could report an invalid condition on a previously opened connection.

  • Fixed problem where we were not closing prepared statement handles when commands are disposed. This could lead to using up all prepared statement handles on the server.

  • Fixed the database schema collection so that it works on servers that are not properly respecting the lower_case_table_names setting.

  • Fixed problem where any attempt to not read all the records returned from a select where each row of the select is greater than 1024 bytes would hang the driver.

  • Fixed problem where a command timing out just after it actually finished would cause an exception to be thrown on the command timeout thread which would then be seen as an unhandled exception.

  • Fixed some serious issues with command timeout and cancel that could present as exceptions about thread ownership. The issue was that not all queries cancel the same. Some produce resultsets while others don't. ExecuteReader had to be changed to check for this.