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Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 5.0.3 (2007-01-05)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Usage Advisor has been implemented. The Usage Advisor checks your queries and will report if you are using the connection inefficiently.

  • PerfMon hooks have been added to monitor the stored procedure cache hits and misses.

  • The MySqlCommand object now supports asynchronous query methods. This is implemented useg the BeginExecuteNonQuery and EndExecuteNonQuery methods.

  • Metadata from stored procedures and stored function execution are cached.

  • The CommandBuilder.DeriveParameters function has been updated to the procedure cache.

  • The ViewColumns GetSchema collection has been updated.

  • Improved speed and performance by re-architecting certain sections of the code.

  • Support for the embedded server and client library have been removed from this release. Support will be added back to a later release.

  • The ShapZipLib library has been replaced with the deflate support provided within .NET 2.0.

  • SSL support has been updated.

Bugs Fixed

  • Additional text added to error message (Bug #25178)

  • An exception would be raised, or the process would hang, if SELECT privileges on a database were not granted and a stored procedure was used. (Bug #25033)

  • When adding parameter objects to a command object, if the parameter direction is set to ReturnValue before the parameter is added to the command object then when the command is executed it throws an error. (Bug #25013)

  • The Add Connection dialog of the Server Explorer would freeze when accessing databases with capitalized characters in their name. (Bug #24875)

  • Using Driver.IsTooOld() would return the wrong value. (Bug #24661)

  • When using a DbNull.Value as the value for a parameter value, and then later setting a specific value type, the command failed with an exception because the wrong type was implied from the DbNull.Value. (Bug #24565)

  • Stored procedure executions are not thread safe. (Bug #23905)

  • Deleting a connection to a disconnected server when using the Visual Studio Plugin would cause an assertion failure. (Bug #23687)

  • Nested transactions (which are unsupported)do not raise an error or warning. (Bug #22400)