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Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 5.0.10 (Not released)

Bugs Fixed

  • If, when using the MySqlTransaction transaction object, an exception was thrown, the transaction object was not disposed of and the transaction was not rolled back. (Bug #39817)

  • Executing a command that resulted in a fatal exception did not close the connection. (Bug #37991)

  • When a prepared insert query is run that contains an UNSIGNED TINYINT in the parameter list, the complete query and data that should be inserted is corrupted and no error is thrown. (Bug #37968)

  • In a .NET application MySQL Connector/NET modifies the connection string so that it contains several occurrences of the same option with different values. This is illustrated by the example that follows.

    The original connection string:

    connect timeout=25; auto enlist=false;pooling=false;

    The connection string after closing MySqlDataReader:

    connect timeout=25;auto enlist=false;pooling=false;
    Allow User Variables=True;Allow User Variables=False;
    Allow User Variables=True;Allow User Variables=False;

    (Bug #37955)

  • When creating a connection pool, specifying an invalid IP address will cause the entire application to crash, instead of providing an exception. (Bug #36432)

  • GetSchema did not work correctly when querying for a collection, if using a non-English locale. (Bug #35459)

  • When reading back a stored double or single value using the .NET provider, the value had less precision than the one stored. (Bug #33322)