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Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 1.0.7 (2005-11-21)

Bugs Fixed

  • Unsigned tinyint (NET byte) would lead to and incorrectly determined parameter type from the parameter value. (Bug #18570)

  • A #42000Query was empty exception occurred when executing a query built with MySqlCommandBuilder, if the query string ended with a semicolon. (Bug #14631)

  • The parameter collection object's Add() method added parameters to the list without first checking to see whether they already existed. Now it updates the value of the existing parameter object if it exists. (Bug #13927)

  • Added support for the cp932 character set. (Bug #13806)

  • Calling a stored procedure where a parameter contained special characters (such as '@') would produce an exception. Note that ANSI_QUOTES had to be enabled to make this possible. (Bug #13753)

  • The Ping() method did not update the State property of the Connection object. (Bug #13658)

  • Implemented the MySqlCommandBuilder.DeriveParameters method that is used to discover the parameters for a stored procedure. (Bug #13632)

  • A statement that contained multiple references to the same parameter could not be prepared. (Bug #13541)