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Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 1.0.9 (2007-02-02)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The ICSharpCode ZipLib is no longer used by the Connector, and is no longer distributed with it.

  • Important change: Binaries for .NET 1.0 are no longer supplied with this release. If you need support for .NET 1.0, you must build from source.

  • Improved CommandBuilder.DeriveParameters to first try and use the procedure cache before querying for the stored procedure metadata. Return parameters created with DeriveParameters now have the name RETURN_VALUE.

  • An Ignore Prepare option has been added to the connection string options. If enabled, prepared statements will be disabled application-wide. The default for this option is true.

  • Implemented a stored procedure cache. By default, the connector caches the metadata for the last 25 procedures that are seen. You can change the number of procedures that are cached by using the procedure cache connection string.

  • Important change: Due to a number of issues with the use of server-side prepared statements, MySQL Connector/NET 5.0.2 has disabled their use by default. The disabling of server-side prepared statements does not affect the operation of the connector in any way.

    To enable server-side prepared statements you must add the following configuration property to your connector string properties:

    ignore prepare=false

    The default value of this property is true.

Bugs Fixed

  • Times with negative values would be returned incorrectly. (Bug #25912)

  • MySqlConnection throws a NullReferenceException and ArgumentNullException when connecting to MySQL v4.1.7. (Bug #25726)

  • SELECT did not work correctly when using a WHERE clause containing a UTF-8 string. (Bug #25651)

  • When closing and then re-opening a connection to a database, the character set specification is lost. (Bug #25614)

  • Trying to fill a table schema through a stored procedure triggers a runtime error. (Bug #25609)

  • Using ExecuteScalar() with more than one query, where one query fails, will hang the connection. (Bug #25443)

  • Additional text added to error message. (Bug #25178)

  • When adding parameter objects to a command object, if the parameter direction is set to ReturnValue before the parameter is added to the command object then when the command is executed it throws an error. (Bug #25013)

  • When connecting to a server, the return code from the connection could be zero, even though the host name was incorrect. (Bug #24802)

  • Using Driver.IsTooOld() would return the wrong value. (Bug #24661)

  • When using a DbNull.Value as the value for a parameter value, and then later setting a specific value type, the command failed with an exception because the wrong type was implied from the DbNull.Value. (Bug #24565)

  • Stored procedure executions are not thread safe. (Bug #23905)

  • The CommandBuilder would mistakenly add insert parameters for a table column with auto incrementation enabled. (Bug #23862)

  • One system where IPv6 was enabled, MySQL Connector/NET would incorrectly resolve host names. (Bug #23758)

  • An System.OverflowException would be raised when accessing a varchar field over 255 bytes. (Bug #23749)

  • Nested transactions do not raise an error or warning. (Bug #22400)

  • Within Mono, using the PreparedStatement interface could result in an error due to a BitArray copying error. (Bug #18186)