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Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 1.0.10 (2007-08-24)

Bugs Fixed

  • An incorrect ConstraintException could be raised on an INSERT when adding rows to a table with a multiple-column unique key index. (Bug #30204)

  • The availability of a MySQL server would not be reset when using pooled connections (pooling=true). This would lead to the server being reported as unavailable, even if the server become available while the application was still running. (Bug #29409)

  • Publisher listed in "Add/Remove Programs" is not consistent with other MySQL products. (Bug #27253)

  • MySqlParameterCollection and parameters added with Insert method can not be retrieved later using ParameterName. (Bug #27135)

  • BINARY and VARBINARY columns would be returned as a string, not binary, data type. (Bug #25605)

  • A critical ConnectionPool error would result in repeated System.NullReferenceException. (Bug #25603)

  • When a MySqlConversionException is raised on a remote object, the client application would receive a SerializationException instead. (Bug #24957)

  • High CPU utilization would be experienced when there is no idle connection waiting when using pooled connections through MySqlPool.GetConnection. (Bug #24373)