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MySQL Connector/NET Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/Net 1.0  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 1.0.3 (2004-10-12)

Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 1.0.3 (2004-10-12)

Bugs Fixed

  • Invalid query string when using inout parameters (Bug #7133)

  • Inserting DateTime causes System.InvalidCastException to be thrown. (Bug #7132)

  • MySqlDateTime in Datatables sorting by Text, not Date. (Bug #7032)

  • Exception stack trace lost when re-throwing exceptions. (Bug #6983)

  • Errors in parsing stored procedure parameters. (Bug #6902)

  • InvalidCast when using DATE_ADD-function. (Bug #6879)

  • Int64 Support in MySqlCommand Parameters. (Bug #6863)

  • Test suite fails with MySQL 4.0 because of case sensitivity of table names. (Bug #6831)

  • MySqlDataReader.GetChar(int i) throws IndexOutOfRange exception. (Bug #6770)

  • Integer "out" parameter from stored procedure returned as string. (Bug #6668)

  • An Open Connection has been Closed by the Host System. (Bug #6634)

  • Fixed Invalid character set index: 200. (Bug #6547)

  • Connections now do not have to give a database on the connection string.

  • Installer now includes options to install into GAC and create Start Menu items.

  • Fixed major problem with detecting null values when using prepared statements.

  • Fixed problem where multiple resultsets having different numbers of columns would cause a problem.

  • Added ServerThread property to MySqlConnection to expose server thread id.

  • Added Ping method to MySqlConnection.

  • Changed the name of the test suite to MySql.Data.Tests.dll.

  • Now SHOW COLLATION is used upon connection to retrieve the full list of charset ids.

  • Made MySQL the default named pipe name.