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MySQL Connector/C++ Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/C++ 2.0  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/C++ 2.0.4 (2017-03-21, Development Milestone)

Changes in MySQL Connector/C++ 2.0.4 (2017-03-21, Development Milestone)

X DevAPI Notes

  • Support was added for encrypted sessions over TLS connections. An encrypted session can be requested either via the ssl-enable and ssl-ca options of a connection string, or using explicit session creation options. For X DevAPI or X DevAPI for C session settings, see the Connector/C++ X DevAPI Reference, available at (check the documentation for enum mysqlx_opt_type_t). (WL #9970)

  • The X DevAPI Schema object now supports methods for view manipulation: createView(), alterView(), and dropView().

    X DevAPI for C now contains functions that implement similar functionality: mysqlx_view_create(), mysqlx_view_replace(), mysqlx_view_modify(), and (implemented previously) mysqlx_view_drop().

    As with other X DevAPI for C operations, there are functions that create a statement handle without executing it: mysqlx_view_create_new(), mysqlx_view_replace_new(), and mysqlx_view_modify_new().

    These X DevAPI for C functions modify view DDL statements before execution: mysqlx_set_view_algorithm(), mysqlx_set_view_security(), mysqlx_set_view_check_option(), mysqlx_set_view_definer(), and mysqlx_set_view_columns(). (WL #10037)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The format of document ID values generated when adding documents to a collection has changed. It is still a string of 32 hexadecimal digits based on UUID, but the order of digits was changed to match the requirement of a stable ID prefix. (WL #10008)

  • Connector/C++ now supports IPv6 target hosts in connection strings and when creating sessions using other methods. (WL #10077)

Bugs Fixed

  • When rList is an empty list, table.insert().rows(rList) caused a segmentation fault. (Bug #25515964)