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MySQL Connector/C++ Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/C++ 8  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/C++ 8.1.0 (2023-07-18, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Connector/C++ 8.1.0 (2023-07-18, General Availability)

MySQL Connector/C++ 8.1.0 is a new GA release version that supersedes the 8.0 series; it's recommended for use on production systems. This release can be used against MySQL Server version 5.7 and higher.

Packaging Notes

  • ZSTD sources bundled in the Connector/C++ source tree are upgraded to ZSTD 1.5.5. (Bug #35360566)

  • The Connector/C++ static library is most effective when the installed package is specific to the platform on which the final application is built. Accordingly, the following static connector libraries are no longer included in the generic Linux packages:

    • lib64/libmysqlcppconn-static.a

    • lib64/libmysqlcppconn8-static.a

    (WL #15650)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Important Change: 32-bit binaries are no longer built as of MySQL 8.1.0.

  • For applications that use the legacy JDBC API (that is, not X DevAPI or X DevAPI for C) on Linux systems and use OpenTelemetry instrumentation, the connector adds query and connection spans to the trace generated by application code and forwards the current OpenTelemetry context to the server. By default, the connector generates spans only when an instrumented application links with the required OpenTelemetry SDK libraries and configures the trace exporter to send trace data to some destination. If the application code does not use instrumentation, then the legacy connector does not use it either.

    Connector/C++ supports a new connection property option, OPT_OPENTELEMETRY, which has these values:


    • OTEL_PREFERRED (default)

    The OPT_OPENTELEMETRY option also accepts a Boolean value in which false corresponds to OTEL_DISABLED. false is the only accepted Boolean value for this option; setting it to true has no meaning and emits an error. (WL #15625)