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MySQL Connector/C++ Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/C++ 1.1  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/C++ 1.1.9 (2017-05-16, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Connector/C++ 1.1.9 (2017-05-16, General Availability)

Compilation Notes

  • The Windows version of Connector/C++ Community is now built using the dynamic C++ runtime library (that is, with the /MD compiler option), with the following implications for users:

    • Target hosts running Windows applications that use Connector/C++ Community now need the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2013 installed on them.

    • Client applications on Windows that use Connector/C++ Community should be compiled with the /MD compiler option.

Security Notes

  • The linked OpenSSL library for Connector/C++ 1.1.9 Commercial has been updated to version 1.0.2k. For a description of issues fixed in this version, see

    This change does not affect the Oracle-produced MySQL Community build of Connector/C++, which uses the yaSSL library instead.

Bugs Fixed

  • Values returned by getDouble() from DOUBLE table columns were truncated (decimal part missing) if the locale was set to fr_CA, which uses comma as the decimal separator. (Bug #17227390, Bug #69719)

  • Connections to localhost failed if the local server was bound only to its IPv6 interface. (Bug #17050354, Bug #69663)