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MySQL 5.5 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  comp_err — Compile MySQL Error Message File

4.4.1 comp_err — Compile MySQL Error Message File

comp_err creates the errmsg.sys file that is used by mysqld to determine the error messages to display for different error codes. comp_err normally is run automatically when MySQL is built. It compiles the errmsg.sys file from the text file located at sql/share/errmsg-utf8.txt in MySQL source distributions.

comp_err also generates mysqld_error.h, mysqld_ername.h, and sql_state.h header files.

For more information about how error messages are defined, see the MySQL Internals Manual.

Invoke comp_err like this:

shell> comp_err [options]

comp_err supports the following options.

  • --help, -?

    Display a help message and exit.

  • --charset=dir_name, -C dir_name

    The character set directory. The default is ../sql/share/charsets.

  • --debug=debug_options, -# debug_options

    Write a debugging log. A typical debug_options string is d:t:O,file_name. The default is d:t:O,/tmp/comp_err.trace.

  • --debug-info, -T

    Print some debugging information when the program exits.

  • --header_file=file_name, -H file_name

    The name of the error header file. The default is mysqld_error.h.

  • --in_file=file_name, -F file_name

    The name of the input file. The default is ../sql/share/errmsg-utf8.txt.

  • --name_file=file_name, -N file_name

    The name of the error name file. The default is mysqld_ername.h.

  • --out_dir=dir_name, -D dir_name

    The name of the output base directory. The default is ../sql/share/.

  • --out_file=file_name, -O file_name

    The name of the output file. The default is errmsg.sys.

  • --statefile=file_name, -S file_name

    The name for the SQLSTATE header file. The default is sql_state.h.

  • --version, -V

    Display version information and exit.

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