5.5 STTOR Phase 2

The only kernel block that participates in this phase to any real effect is NDBCNTR.

In this phase, NDBCNTR obtains the current state of each configured cluster data node. Messages are sent to NDBCNTR from QMGR reporting the changes in status of any the nodes. NDBCNTR also sets timers corresponding to the StartPartialTimeout, StartPartitionTimeout, and StartFailureTimeout configuration parameters.

The next step is for a CNTR_START_REQ signal to be sent to the proposed master node. Normally the president is also chosen as master. However, during a system restart where the starting node has a newer global checkpoint than that which has survived on the president, then this node will take over as master node, even though it is not recognized as the president by QMGR. If the starting node is chosen as the new master, then the other nodes are informed of this using a CNTR_START_REF signal.

The master withholds the CNTR_START_REQ signal until it is ready to start a new node, or to start the cluster for an initial restart or system restart.

When the starting node receives CNTR_START_CONF, it starts the NDB_STTOR phases, in the following order: