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5.12 NDB_STTOR Phase 4

Some initialization of local checkpoint variables takes place in this phase, and for initial restarts, this is all that happens in this phase.

For system restarts, all required takeovers are also performed. Currently, this means that all nodes whose states could not be recovered using the redo log are restarted by copying to them all the necessary data from the live data nodes.

For node restarts and initial node restarts, the master node performs a number of services, requested to do so by sending the START_MEREQ signal to it. This phase is complete when the master responds with a START_MECONF message, and is described in Section 5.22, “START_MEREQ Handling”.

After ensuring that the tasks assigned to DBDIH tasks in the NDB_STTOR phase 4 are complete, NDBCNTR performs some work on its own. For initial starts, it creates the system table that keeps track of unique identifiers such as those used for AUTO_INCREMENT. Following the WAITPOINT_4_1 synchronization point, all system restarts proceed immediately to NDB_STTOR phase 5, which is handled by the DBDIH block. See Section 5.13, “NDB_STTOR Phase 5”, for more information.