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MySQL Replication  /  ...  /  Setting Up Replication between a New Source and Replicas Setting Up Replication between a New Source and Replicas

When there is no snapshot of a previous database to import, configure the replica to start replication from the new source.

To set up replication between a source and a new replica:

  1. Start up the replica and connect to it.

  2. Execute a CHANGE MASTER TO statement to set the source configuration. See Section, “Setting the Source Configuration on the Replica”.

Perform these setup steps on each replica.

This method can also be used if you are setting up new servers but have an existing dump of the databases from a different server that you want to load into your replication configuration. By loading the data into a new source, the data is automatically replicated to the replicas.

If you are setting up a new replication environment using the data from a different existing database server to create a new source, run the dump file generated from that server on the new source. The database updates are automatically propagated to the replicas:

$> mysql -h master < fulldb.dump