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6.20 Instance Activity Metrics

Lists the Instance Activity metrics and provides a brief description of each.

Table 6.20 Instance Activity Metrics

Acl Cache Items CountThe number of cached privilege objects. Each object is the privilege combination of a user and its active roles.
Flush Commands (Delta)The number of executed FLUSH statements.
Opened Files (Delta)The number of files that have been opened with my_open() (a mysys library function).
Open FilesThe number of files that are open. This count includes regular files opened by the server. It does not include other types of files such as sockets or pipes.
Open Streams (Delta)The number of streams that are open (used mainly for logging).
Prepared Stmt CountThe current number of prepared statements. (The maximum number of statements is given by the max_prepared_stmt_count system variable.).
Queries (Delta)The number of statements executed by the server. This variable includes statements executed within stored programs, unlike the Questions variable.
Questions (Delta)The number of statements executed by the server. This includes only statements sent to the server by clients and not statements executed within stored programs, unlike the Queries variable.
UptimeThe number of seconds that the server has been up.
Uptime Since Flush StatusThe number of seconds since the most recent FLUSH STATUS statement.
MySQL Server Has Been RestartedTo perform useful work, a database server must be up-and-running continuously. It is normal for a production server to run continuously for weeks, months, or longer. If a server has been restarted recently, it may be the result of planned maintenance, but it may also be due to an unplanned event that should be investigated.