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Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL Database User's Guide  /  Metrics  /  Admin Statement Activity Metrics

6.1 Admin Statement Activity Metrics

Lists the Admin Statement Activity metrics and provides a brief description of each.

Table 6.1 Admin Statement Activity Metrics

Admin Commands (Delta)The total number of times a COM_PING, or COM_CHANGE_USER have executed on the protocol.
Analyze (Delta)The total number of ANALYZE TABLE statements executed.
Assign To Keycache (Delta)The total number of CACHE INDEX statements executed.
Backup Table (Delta)The total number of BACKUP TABLE statements executed.
Binlog (Delta)The total number of BINLOG statements executed.
Change Master (Delta)The total number of CHANGE MASTER statements executed.
Check (Delta)The total number of CHECK TABLE statements executed.
Checksum (Delta)The total number of CHECKSUM TABLE statements executed.
Flush (Delta)The total number of FLUSH statements executed.
Install Plugin (Delta)The total number of INSTALL PLUGIN statements executed.
Kill (Delta)The total number of KILL statements executed.
Optimize (Delta)The total number of OPTIMIZE TABLE statements executed.
Preload Keys (Delta)The total number of LOAD INDEX INTO CACHE statements executed.
Purge (Delta)The total number of PURGE BINARY LOGS statements executed.
Purge Before Date (Delta)The total number of PURGE BINARY LOGS BEFORE statements executed.
Repair (Delta)The total number of REPAIR TABLE statements executed.
Restore Table (Delta)The total number of RESTORE TABLE statements executed.
Slave Start (Delta)The total number of START SLAVE statements executed.
Slave Stop (Delta)The total number of STOP SLAVE statements executed.
Uninstall Plugin (Delta)The total number of UNINSTALL PLUGIN statements executed.