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6.2 Audit Log Activity Metrics

Lists the Audit Log Activity metrics and provides a brief description of each.

Table 6.2 Audit Log Activity Metrics

Current SizeThe size of the current audit log file. The value increases when an event is written to the log and is reset to 0 when the log is rotated.
Event Max Drop SizeThe size of the largest dropped event in performance logging mode.
Events (Delta)The number of events handled by the audit log plugin, whether or not they were written to the log based on filtering policy.
Events Buffered (Delta)The number of audit log events written asynchronously to the audit log buffer when using either the ASYNCHRONOUS or PERFORMANCE audit log strategies.
Events Filtered (Delta)The number of events handled by the audit log plugin that were filtered (not written to the log) based on filtering policy.
Events Lost (Delta)The number of events lost in performance logging mode because an event was larger than the available audit log buffer space. This value may be useful for assessing how to set audit_log_buffer_size to size the buffer for performance mode.
Events Written (Delta)The number of events written to the audit log.
Total Size (Delta)The total size of events written to all audit log files. Unlike Audit_log_current_size, the value of Audit_log_total_size increases even when the log is rotated.
Write Waits (Delta)The number of times an event had to wait for space in the audit log buffer in asynchronous logging mode.
Audit Log Writes Waits (Rate)The Enterprise Audit Log Plugin Write Waits Rate