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4.3.2 The delete package Command

delete package [{--hosts=|-h }host_list] package_name


This command is used to unregister a package. More specifically, it removes any references to MySQL NDB Cluster software installations added to the agent's repository when the package was created. delete package does not remove any MySQL NDB Cluster installations; the command removes only references to the installations. Once a package has been unregistered, it can no longer be used for a create cluster command. The MySQL NDB Cluster binaries remain, but cannot be used in a MySQL NDB Cluster administered using the MySQL Cluster Manager unless and until the base directory containing them has been registered with another package. (It is possible to register a base directory with multiple packages; see Section 4.3.1, “The add package Command”, for more information and an example.)

If the --hosts option (short form: -h) is used with this command, the base directory settings for the host or hosts named by the option are removed as well. All hosts given in the host_list must be members of the site to which the package is registered. Otherwise, the command fails.

A package that is in use by a cluster cannot be unregistered; the cluster must first be deleted (see Section 4.4.2, “The delete cluster Command”).

Here is an example that demonstrates how to unregister a package named mypackage:

mcm> delete package mypackage;
| Command result               |
| Package deleted successfully |
1 row in set (1.23 sec)

You can also verify that the package was unregistered using the list packages command; the package name should no longer appear in the output of this command. If you attempt to use the unregistered package in a create cluster command, the command fails, as shown here:

mcm> create cluster --package=mypackage
   > --processhosts=ndb_mgmd@tonfisk,ndbd@grindval,ndbd@flundra,mysqld@tonfisk mycluster;
ERROR 4001 (00MGR): Package mypackage not defined

An upgrade cluster command that references an unregistered package also fails.


When IPv6-enabled Windows systems are used as MySQL NDB Cluster hosts under MySQL Cluster Manager, you must reference these hosts using IPv4 addresses. Otherwise, MySQL Cluster Manager will be unable to connect to the agent processes on those hosts. See Section 5.1, “MySQL Cluster Manager Usage and Design Limitations”.