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1.2 HeatWave Usage

Analytics and machine learning queries are issued from a MySQL client or application that interacts with the HeatWave Cluster by connecting to the MySQL DB System. Results are returned to the MySQL DB System and to the MySQL client or application that issued the query.

The number of HeatWave nodes required depends on data size and the amount of compression that is achieved when loading data into the HeatWave Cluster. A HeatWave Cluster in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) or Oracle Database Service for Azure (ODSA) supports up to 64 nodes. On Amazon Web Services (AWS), a HeatWave Cluster supports up to 128 nodes.

On Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), data that is loaded into HeatWave is automatically persisted to OCI Object Storage, which allows data to be reloaded quickly when the HeatWave Cluster resumes after a pause or when the HeatWave Cluster recovers from a cluster or node failure.

HeatWave network traffic is fully encrypted.