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5.4.80 mysql_shutdown()

mysql_shutdown(MYSQL *mysql,
               enum mysql_enum_shutdown_level shutdown_level)



mysql_shutdown() is deprecated and will be removed in a future version of MySQL. Instead, use mysql_real_query() or mysql_query() to execute a SHUTDOWN statement.

Asks the database server to shut down. The connected user must have the SHUTDOWN privilege. MySQL servers support only one type of shutdown; shutdown_level must be equal to SHUTDOWN_DEFAULT. Dynamically linked executables that have been compiled with older versions of the libmysqlclient headers and call mysql_shutdown() must be used with the old libmysqlclient dynamic library.

An alternative to mysql_shutdown() is to use the SHUTDOWN SQL statement.

The shutdown process is described in The Server Shutdown Process.

Return Values

Zero for success. Nonzero if an error occurred.