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7.3 C API Asynchronous Function Reference

The following table summarizes the functions available for asynchronous interaction with the MySQL server. For greater detail, see the descriptions in Section 7.4, “C API Asynchronous Function Descriptions”.

Table 7.1 C API Asynchronous Functions

Name Description
mysql_fetch_row_nonblocking() Asynchronously fetch next result set row
mysql_free_result_nonblocking() Asynchronously free result set memory
mysql_get_connect_nonblocking_stage() Information about the mysql_real_connect_nonblocking state machine
mysql_next_result_nonblocking() Asynchronously return/initiate next result in multiple-result execution
mysql_real_connect_nonblocking() Asynchronously connect to MySQL server
mysql_real_query_nonblocking() Asynchronously execute statement
mysql_reset_connection_nonblocking() Asynchronously reset the connection to clear session state
mysql_store_result_nonblocking() Asynchronously retrieve and store entire result set