7.4.2 mysql_free_result_nonblocking()

enum net_async_status
mysql_free_result_nonblocking(MYSQL_RES *result)



mysql_free_result_nonblocking() is an asynchronous function. It is the counterpart of the mysql_free_result() synchronous function, for use by applications that require asynchronous communication with the server. For general information about writing asynchronous C API applications, see Chapter 7, C API Asynchronous Interface.

mysql_free_result_nonblocking() is used similarly to mysql_free_result(). For details about the latter, see Section 5.4.26, “mysql_free_result()”. The two functions differ as follows:

mysql_free_result_nonblocking() was added in MySQL 8.0.16.

Return Values

Returns an enum net_async_status value. See the description in Section 7.2, “C API Asynchronous Interface Data Structures”. A NET_ASYNC_ERROR return status indicates an error.