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MySQL 8.0 C API Developer Guide  /  C API Function Descriptions  /  mysql_result_metadata()

7.63 mysql_result_metadata()

enum enum_resultset_metadata mysql_result_metadata(MYSQL_RES *result)


mysql_result_metadata() returns a value that indicates whether a result set has metadata. It can be useful for metadata-optional connections when the client does not know in advance whether particular result sets have metadata. For example, if a client executes a stored procedure that returns multiple result sets and might change the resultset_metadata system variable, the client can invoke mysql_result_metadata() for each result set to determine whether it has metadata.

For details about managing result set metadata transfer, see Chapter 27, C API Optional Result Set Metadata.

Return Values

mysql_result_metadata() returns one of these values:

enum enum_resultset_metadata {