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6.1.4 Configuration (options file)

The Options File editor is used to view and edit the MySQL configuration file (my.ini on Windows, or my.cnf on Linux / OS X) by selecting check boxes and other GUI controls, and then making edits. MySQL Workbench divides the options file into its own groupings as a set of tabs (such as General, Logging, InnoDB, and more). Make an edit and click Apply to commit the changes.

The options file editor includes the following components:

  • Option file groupings, as divided into convenient tabs by MySQL Workbench

  • A Locate option search field to search your MySQL options configuration file

  • Configuration File path, so you know the configuration file you are editing

  • An options file group selector, to select the option [group] to edit. Because the same option can be defined under multiple groupings, it is important to choose the correct group when making edits. [mysqld] (the MySQL server) is the default and most common group. For additional information about groups, see Using Option Files.

A screenshot with the General tab selected:

Figure 6.5 Navigator Management: Instance: Options File: General

Navigator Management: Instance: Options File: General

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  Posted by Troy Frericks on September 30, 2015
To open the screen displayed above, use the menu option [Server/Options File].

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