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Appendix E MySQL Enterprise Features

A MySQL Enterprise subscription is the most comprehensive offering of MySQL database software, services and support; it ensures that your business achieves the highest levels of reliability, security, and uptime.

An Enterprise Subscription includes a MySQL Workbench GUI for the following enterprise features:

  • The MySQL Enterprise server: The most reliable, secure, and up-to-date version of the world's most popular open source database

  • MySQL Enterprise Backup: Performs backup and restore operations for MySQL data, and MySQL Workbench offers a GUI for these operations

  • MySQL Enterprise Audit: An easy to use auditing and compliance solution for applications that are governed by both internal and external regulatory guidelines

  • MySQL Enterprise Firewall: regulatory guidelines

  • DBDoc Model Reporting Templates: For accessing the Ctemplate System.

  • Model Validation: Validation modules for testing models before implementing them, both with general RDMS and specific MySQL rules.

  • MySQL Production Support (MOS): Technical and consultative support when you need it, along with regularly scheduled service packs, and hot-fixes, and MySQL Workbench links to your My Oracle Support (MOS) service

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