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Point は、座標空間内の単一の位置を表す幾何図形です。

Point の例

  • 多数の都市を含む大規模な世界地図を想像してください。Point オブジェクトは各都市を表すことができます。

  • 市内地図で、Point オブジェクトはバス停を表すことができます。

Point のプロパティー

  • X 座標値。

  • Y 座標値。

  • Point は 0 次元の幾何図形として定義されています。

  • Point の境界は空セットになります。

User Comments
  Posted by kristof kotai on June 21, 2012
set @p = GeomFromText('POINT(11 0)');
select x(@p), y(@p);
  Posted by ALEXANDER SKAKUNOV on March 21, 2013
Alternative to POINT data type is 2 simple float fields, "x" and "y", or "latitude" and "longitude" (an approach that we used in our project). It has its own benefit in search speed.

To speed up the spatial data lookup, a spatial index can be used, but you are forced to switch to MyISAM tables to be able to use it, which is not a case if you love InnoDB's foreign keys...

So a solution is 2 float fields + a separate index on them. This approach allows to easily filter points by a square of a desired size:

> FROM city
> WHERE BETWEEN @x-0.5 AND @x+0.5
> AND city.lng BETWEEN @y-0.5 AND @y+0.5;

That's is much faster.
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