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Posted by David PROVOST on February 24 2012 6:08am[Delete] [Edit]

This is a MySQL 5.5 doc, explaining how to install MySQL 5.1 from "updates" repo on Centos-like distro. Easy.
Is there an alternative repo that you would recommand for 5.5 installation ?

Posted by Nir Sagiv on December 3 2012 7:24am[Delete] [Edit]

For 5.5 try out this link:

Posted by David Biesack on December 12 2013 9:37pm[Delete] [Edit]

If you install a specific version such as MySQL 5.5 (via yum on RHEL, for example), the commands may be different:

yum install mysql55-mysql.x86_64 mysql55-mysql-server.x86_64

Do yum search mysql to see what packages are available.
Doing yum install mysql may install an older version, such as 5.0

Also, the command to start/stop the server may differ based on the package installed. For example if installing mysql55-mysql-server.x86_64 the server control command will be:

/etc/init.d/mysql55-mysqld status
/etc/init.d/mysql55-mysqld start
/etc/init.d/mysql55-mysqld stop