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Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.2.4 (2014-11-20, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • A new advanced tab was added to the MySQL Enterprise Backup profile editor. These options are stored in the [mysqlbackup] section of the backup profile, which is used by the MySQL Enterprise Backup executable through the --defaults-file parameter. (Bug #19643172)

  • A new preference was added that defines whether pressing Tab inserts tab characters or spaces. (Bug #19598375, Bug #73189)

  • The EER diagram catalog browser now remembers view states on a per diagram basis. (Bug #19508483, Bug #72255)

  • A new Indentation section was added to the "General Editors" preferences. Included are options to set the indentation width and tab width. (Bug #17455648, Bug #70148)

  • Adding an SQL snippet now opens the snippet editor, when before it immediately added the snippet without a title or code review. (Bug #14724622, Bug #67085)

  • A new preference was added that limits the number of automatically opened SQL result sets for SELECT queries, which defaults to 50. Reaching this limit emits a warning.

    Before, executing a large number of SELECT queries (about 800) at once would cause a fatal error after exceeding system CPU and memory limits. (Bug #12949811, Bug #62259)

  • A new Skip checking of Routine Definer option was added to the Catalog Diff Report wizard. This improves functionality for stored procedures and functions. (Bug #11764775, Bug #13418623, Bug #57645, Bug #63175)

  • Opening an SQL script no longer requires a MySQL connection. To do this, select Open SQL Script from the File navigation menu on the home page. (Bug #11757343, Bug #49377)

Bugs Fixed

  • Inserting the locate() function inside another function would incorrectly report an SQL syntax error. (Bug #19856523, Bug #74439)

  • Compiling MySQL Workbench would fail on Hurd, kFreeBSD, s390x, and ppc64el systems. (Bug #19806379, Bug #74241)

  • Double-clicking on an object in the schema navigator (except for the schema name) now populates the SQL editor area with the object name. This restores previous behavior. (Bug #19788017, Bug #74299)

  • Connections to remote hosts using the connection method "Standard TCP/IP over SSH" would fail with new versions (1.15+) of the paramiko library.

    A workaround was to downgrade the system's paramiko library. (Bug #19768621, Bug #74223)

  • Stored procedures that were identified as having syntax errors could not be saved. (Bug #19767233, Bug #74237)

  • MySQL Workbench generated incorrect UPDATE queries for tables without a Primary Key even where unique keys were present. (Bug #19711078, Bug #74140)

  • After typing Control + F and clicking Replace, the entered text of the replace string was not fully visible. (Bug #19690226, Bug #74088)

  • On Windows, "Beautify/reformat the SQL script" could cause MySQL Workbench to freeze. (Bug #19667130, Bug #74020)

  • The Find's Previous button would sometimes behave like the Next button. (Bug #19647189, Bug #73971)

  • Under Data Import/Restore, the "Enable Cleartext Authentication Plugin" option did not always function. (Bug #19598678, Bug #72433)

  • Under Users and Privileges, the text "Click the Drop button to completely remove the account" was changed to "Click the Delete button to completely remove the account". (Bug #19598511, Bug #73857)

  • A new Data Export preference was added that makes the CREATE DATABASE and USE statements optional in the generated output. (Bug #19598433, Bug #72599)

  • A new preference (check box) was added to optionally export triggers. (Bug #19598408, Bug #73718)

  • On Linux, the [x] button to close an SQL editor tab was missing if the required font package was not present on the system. Now, an image is used instead. (Bug #19598393, Bug #70993)

  • The SQL syntax checker would show errors for EXECUTE statements without the "using" keyword. (Bug #19560590, Bug #73804)

  • A new GTID_PURGED option was added under "Advanced options" to the Data Export wizard. (Bug #19528673)

  • There was a performance regression between 6.0 and 6.1/6.2 when switching diagram tabs, loading the model, and also adding new tables. The Catalog Tree was refactored for increased performance. (Bug #19524441, Bug #69184)

  • Exporting an ALTER script using the Synchronize with Any Source wizard after making "Column Mapping" (table name) changes would incorrectly generate CHANGE COLUMN queries as "CHANGE COLUMN `newcolumnname` `newcolumnname`" instead of "CHANGE COLUMN `oldcolumnname` `newcolumnname`". (Bug #19500938, Bug #73644)

  • Attempting to execute a query with one SQL editor tab while another SQL editor tab was causing a metadata lock would freeze MySQL Workbench. (Bug #19444247, Bug #73574)

  • The Auto-save scripts interval preference did not function, as auto-save saved all connection and query tabs every 10 seconds regardless of this setting. (Bug #19201716, Bug #73178)

  • Attempting to add multiple entries using the results view "Form Editor" would fail and generate an exception unless Apply was clicked after each individual entry. (Bug #19185746, Bug #73253)

  • The Dashboard charts for Client Connections latest current value was always null, and the current, max, and limit values were overlapped. (Bug #18965879, Bug #72984)

  • The Server Status page did not recognize the enabled Memcached and Semi-Sync replication features. The status light for these features did not change from red to green. The System and Status Variables page reported the correct values for these features. (Bug #18703315, Bug #72531)

  • Custom user creation and MySQL Enterprise Backup was fixed to always function with a MySQL server started with the skip_name_resolve system variable enabled. (Bug #17924757)

  • Clicking Cancel at the password prompt for a Navigator option, such as System Status, would emit an unhandled exception. (Bug #17651774)

  • The SQL CREATE Script for Selected Object window under Object Migration in the migration wizard was narrow, and was missing a slider. (Bug #14823142, Bug #67189)

  • Font selection and support was improved. Some fonts, such as Cyrillic fonts, were not displayed properly. (Bug #12951450, Bug #62328)

  • When generating default INSERTs code for tables in modeling, columns that are specified NOT NULL will now replace NULL column values with the DEFAULT keyword. (Bug #11762839, Bug #55483)